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Renovate your home or any space you may have with a team that listens to you

Your Style, Your Budget,
our expertise.

Renovating your home can be a challenging, yet exciting process. Although you might be tempted to try and DIY the process, enlisting the help of licensed and qualified renovation contractors may be the better option.

At Cowley Construction, our team closely collaborates with you to ensure that how we are doing it is exactly what you wanted. From breaking down or erecting walls, to removing and replacing the flooring, you can rely on us to get the job done perfectly.

As a result, when we revitalise your home, we can guarantee that it will be completed in your style, with your budget, but with our expertise.

renovation process

Step 1.

briefing / initial consultation

We will first have an initial consultation with you regarding your project, including its requirements, budget, needs, etc. to see if we are a good fit for the task at hand.

Step 2.

concept and feasibility

Going forward with the project brief, we will then begin planning and conceptualising key aspects of the project, such as whether we need to adjust the budget, or if the budget fits
the project size.

step 3.

working, drawings & CONSULTING

Working with our design team/selected architects we will start brainstorming design ideas and drawing up sketches with your vision in mind.

Step 4.

build / construction stage

After finalising the design, the plans will be sent for council consent if required. Following this we will go ahead and begin with the construction process.

Step 5.

your finished renovation.

A massive pat on the back for everyone – we will finalise small details and ensure that the renovated area is functional. Post-construction support is always available – just give us a call.