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Increase the lifespan of your home by regularly scheduling house servicing and maintenance.

house maintenance,
upkeep for safety.

Many people will overlook house maintenance, believing it to be unnecessary. However, when you become a homeowner, you become responsible for keeping your home clean and maintained. Not only is this important for those living inside the house, but also important if you are planning on selling the house in the future.

Our house maintenance services are also useful for any type of residential property – rented house, owned house, apartments, commecial buildings and similar premises. So, regardless of whether you are a homeowner or landlord, you can benefit from house servicing and maintenance.

With regular house maintenance, you can prevent future breakdowns of appliances and rapid deterioration of structures or other aspects of your home.

Instead of only learning about problems when appliances or systems are completely broken and require replacement, regular house maintenance can identify potential issues and fix them before they worsen.

why is it important?


Reduced equipment breakdown and failure

With property maintenance, breakdowns and failures will be minimised – ensuring that there will be fewer incidences of abrupt system failure (e.g building envelope failure that could lead to unhealthy leaks and mould).


Prevention of liabilities

Equipment failure or breakdowns are minimised, resulting in reduction of accidents or incidents that may cause liabilities, legal problems, or fines


Increased property value

A building or property will be well-maintained and preserved which helps in increasing its market value.


Secured occupants

There will be fewer unexpected repairs, disputes, tenant grievances, which result in less stress and feelings of security.